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Top PC Games of 2015 – Part 2

Top PC Games of 2015 - Part Two

So many games, such little time! Following up from part one, we have five more top PC games from 2015. Part two offers up a mix of construction, simulation, racing, RPG, indie and more. We have already looked at games like The Witcher 3 and Grand Theft Auto V, but we’ve still got more triple A titles to cover.

Project CARS

Described as possibly the most realistic driving experience in a video game, Project CARS is the ultimate driver journey. With console games such as Forza and Gran Turismo, Project CARS challenges both in terms of being the new standard for racing simulators.

Fallout 4

The latest installment in the Fallout franchise, and from the makers of The Elder Scrolls series, you’re only going to get one thing. Fallout 4 is an huge open world with storylines, quests, side quests and tons of things to keep you busy. It is a hugely ambitious game and is definitely worthwhile in terms of playability.

Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void

Continuing the hugely popular Starcraft series, Legacy of the Void offers up a fantastic singleplayer storyline, combined with a revamped and improved multiplayer game mode. This game does everything possible to establish itself as the dominant game in the real-time strategy genre. Does it succeed? Early signs point to ‘yes’.

Cities: Skylines

With the slightly lackluster SimCity not providing much success, Cities: Skylines gracefully swoops in and proves that the city building genre still has something to offer. The game offers everything that you could ever imagine in terms of city building and management. The addition of the After Dark DLC illustrates that the game is still being developed and will have more to offer in the future.

Prison Architect

Plan and build your own prison. It sounds very simple – yet is actually incredibly challenging. The game has a simple concept but the mechanics behind the scenes make it complex and intriguing to play. So many games these days revolve around breaking the law, robbing banks and general lawlessness. This game is a pleasant change of scenario and very well put together.

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