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The Division – Spotlight Saturday

Tom Clancy's The Division PC Review / Preview

Tom Clancy’s The Division is an online third-person shooter set in an open world New York, where the country has descended into mayhem after a widespread pandemic. Players belong to the Division—the Strategic Homeland Division—and struggle to solve the problems presented by the pandemic.

The majority of gameplay is standard for third-person shooters, although some interesting twists are brought into the picture by a day/night cycle and dynamic weather effects that either help or hinder you. As you play, you’ll earn experience points that let you improve your abilities, level up your weapons, etc. There will be many side missions to complete so you can earn additional experience and new gear, along with the main missions that advance the story.

Since it’s an online game, you’ll team up with other players to progress through the story, although there is also competitive multiplayer within the “Dark Zone” for players who enjoy PvP.

The Division is due out on March 8 for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Several lucky players recently got to experience it through a closed beta test, and the beta should have been over now, according to its original schedule. However the beta is lasting a little longer than initially planned.

So far, reactions to the beta have been mixed. Some say it’s great, while other say it’s been overhyped. As an online shooter, it’s frequently compared—sometimes favorably, sometimes not—to Destiny. The biggest concern right now is that The Division might get repetitive, especially if you don’t want to participate in PvP gameplay. The story also seems as though it might be weak, which might turn away fans of story-driven games.

Still, most people seem to agree that if you’re a fan of cover-based third-person shooters and don’t mind that you have to be online in order to play, Tom Clancy’s The Division is a game you should keep your eye on.

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