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Tamriel Unlimited – Spotlight Saturday

The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited - Review

Tamriel Unlimited Saved the Elder Scrolls Online

2014 saw the release of The Elder Scrolls Online, the first MMORPG in the popular open world Elder Scrolls series. However, it was widely criticized, both for its subscription model and for a lack of content within the game. In 2015, therefore, the company addressed the concerns players had and rebranded the game as The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited. Unlike the first version, Tamriel Unlimited was very well received.

First, Tamriel Unlimited removed the need for a subscription. While an optional subscription is still available, with various perks and bonuses, you can play the game for free after your initial purchase.

It also rebalanced the game, added new features, and transformed it into a great game for fans of the Elder Scrolls series interested in playing an MMORPG.

It’s a non-linear RPG with four classes to pick from along with several races. You can explore many parts of Tamriel, although the areas initially open to you will depend on your faction.

As far as the series goes, the game falls early in the timeline, with a story that occurs 1,000 years before the events of Skyrim. Your soul has been stolen by Molag Bal, and you must get it back. This kicks off a story that includes a struggle for power over Tamriel as well as a power that endangers the whole world.

Like with most Elder Scrolls games, the core plot isn’t the draw of Tamriel Unlimited as much as the open-ended gameplay, numerous quests, and world exploration is. In general, it plays similarly to Skyrim, and there is plenty of content to play on your own, though you’ll still need to be online. Of course, since it’s an MMORPG, there are multiplayer options as well.

Two pieces of downloadable content have already been released, adding new story content, locations, and gameplay features. More are planned for 2016, starting with the Thieves Guild DLC which is due out in March. Another piece focusing on the Dark Brotherhood will be released later, and there are rumors of another planned for the end of the year.

The Elder Scrolls Online had a shaky start with its initial released, but Tamriel Unlimited has redeemed it. Fans of the Elder Scrolls series have generally found the new version enjoyable, so if you’re an MMORPG fan who would like a game set in the Elder Scrolls universe, this is the best time to try it.

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