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Far Cry Primal – Spotlight Saturday

Far Cry Primal PC Review / Preview

Travel to the Past in Far Cry Primal

The newest entry in the open world action series Far Cry will take players somewhere games don’t often go—the Stone Age. Set 12,000 years ago, Far Cry Primal puts you in control of a hunter named Takkar, who is stranded in a fictional land called Oros.

Oros is dangerous, filled with wild animals and deadly foes, but Takkar’s ability to tame animals will help him rise to prominence. Many tamed animals will help you during combat, and Takkar also has an owl you can directly control to scout areas around you. Takkar will soon become a tribe leader, and you’ll need to protect the tribe both from animals and enemy tribes.
The story is supposed to be more fluid than that of previous games in the series, with the player deciding how to proceed, although the extent of this is still unknown.

All weapons must be crafted, and you’re limited to weapons that fit the primitive technology level of the time—spears, clubs, bows, and so on. There are no guns or vehicles. This is quite a deviation from previous games in the series, since they all featured gunplay, although a lot of the core gameplay is similar to that of Far Cry 4. Some fans worry it is simply Far Cry 4 rehashed with a prehistoric skin and no modern technology. It will be interesting to see how much Far Cry Primal stands out from the series, and whether its gameplay changes prove welcome or not among players.

Since it’s not a numbered title, it’s also logical to wonder if Primal is more of a side story than a normal addition to the Far Cry series. However, Ubisoft has said it’s a full-length game, even if it didn’t seem right to call it Far Cry 5.

And no, there are no dinosaurs in this game. Although it’s not wholly realistic (there is a shaman character, for example, who can draw Takkar into otherworldly dreams), it’s fairly grounded in the Stone Age and the things that would have existed then. You’ll see mammoths and saber-toothed cats, but no dinosaurs.

Still, it’s a fun change of setting even without dinosaurs. If you love the Far Cry series and prehistoric times, this should be a very cool combination.

Far Cry Primal is due out on 1st March for the PC. Are you looking forward to it?

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