Digital Delivered PC Games at Amazing Prices Activation

If you are new to then simply follow these instructions to download the software and activate your game code

Step 1. Login or Create an Account

Go to:

If you have an account simply login, if not then click ‘Create Account’ and follow the registration form. You may also need to confirm your email address.

Step 2. Add a Game Key

Once logged in to your account, select ‘Account’ or ‘Account Settings’ in the top right-hand corner (or go to:

Click on the green button that says “Add a Game Key” and enter your game’s product code on the following page. Redeem your code and you’re done!

Now to installation…

Step 3. Installing Your Game

Once your game code has been activated the game is added to your account. To install your game click on the link “Download Clients”, which is located just below the green “Add a Game Key” button.

Alternatively, go directly to:

We recommend that you install the Blizzard app and then installing your game.

Need any help with activation or installation?